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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need from you to set-up?

Electrical needs are two fifteen or twenty amp plugs, cold running potable water, an area 10’wide by 30’long, the more width the better for the crowd. We work best with large volume crowds when an electrical source and running water is available but we can operate on our own generator and transport water under special circumstances for a short time frame.

What hours do you open/work?

Each location has it’s own set of needs so if it’s 5AM Breakfast or 2AM Nacho’s we can handle it.

Do I get a say in the menu?

Of course you do, different rules apply to pre-paid meals and pay as you go orders.

What safety features are in the trailer?

Street Eats believes strongly in safety for our staff and customers. An Ansul fire suppression system with stainless steel hood and upblast fan protects the propane equipment and quickly contains a fire. All staff are thoroughly trained in safety procedures.

Who takes care of the refuse?

We have recycling and garbage containers available for all customers and we neatly dispose and recycle any waste we generate. We are not responsible for littering by our customers on the property, but we do work hard to ensure that all waste management is seen to quickly and thoroughly.

What types of containers do you use?

Compostable containers and recyclable containers are used. Styrofoam is not used at all but small amounts of plastics and foil are. Whenever possible we use minimal amounts of packaging.

Hand washing and washrooms for the public?

These are always the responsibility of the host/organizer. All Street Eats staff practice rigorous hand washing while handling food.

What special events do you go to?

We do weddings, concerts, festivals, conferences, sporting and recreational events and more! We will shortly have a sample menu from some of our recent events available for you to browse.

Is Street Eats required to have inspections?

Yes, like all kitchens that serve the public, we are required to have a valid Food Safety Inspection and Mobile Food Permit as well as a Propane and Fire Inspection. Permits are clearly posted and we encourage organizers and the public to be aware of these necessary and very important inspections.

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