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Catering Menu Suggestions

Need a little help figuring out what you would like to offer your guests? Browse through the below list or contact me today!

Each event is individual to you, your guests, the location and why people are coming together. So  your menu should be individual too. Use the ideas below as a springboard to start and we can build your menu together. Just click the contact me link above today! Talk soon, Paula.


Garden Salad – Caesar Salad –  Greek Salad –  Pasta Salad – Traditional Coleslaw – Rice or Couscous Salad –  Carrot salad –  Potato salad – Bean & chickpea salad – Caprese basil salad Greek Orzo – Dill and cucumber salad

Entrees/Hot buffet items

Roast beef with horseradish sauce – Pork chops with herb stuffing – Bone-in ham with citrus glaze – Salmon (variety of styles) – Mushroom chicken Penne – Meat & four cheese lasagne – Haddock (variety of styles) – Pecan crusted chicken cutlets – Breast of chicken in sauce (variety of styles) – Maritime seafood chowder – Local Donairs (build your own) – Stuffed vegan portabella mushroom caps – Roast pork, chicken or turkey w/gravy


Mashed Potatoes – Wild rice pilaf or Fried rice – Garlic bread – Glazed Carrots & turnips – Baked or roast Potatoes -Sweet potato mash – Scallop potatoes in cream sauce – Barley Risotto – Sweet peas and garden beans – Corn on the cob

Condiments and sides

Cranberry or apple sauce – Bread and butter pickles – Homemade mustard pickles – Horseradish sauce  -Aioli -Sour cream and chives – Olive oil dipping sauces – Olives – Salsa or salsa Verde – Breads


Meringue layer cake – Blueberry Buckle – Seasonal Fruit crisp – Chocolate Nanaimo dessert -Coconut cream pie with caramel – Gingerbread pudding cake – Coconut Pineapple cake with lemon sauce – Pumpkin cake or Chefs choice dessert table (Selections may vary by season, requests taken) Ideas for Passed Hors d’oeuvres 

1 Smoked Salmon, Lemon, Caper and Dill on Petite Pumpernickel

2 Chive cream on Mini Crispy Salmon Cakes

3 Vegetable Spring Rolls with Thai Dipping Sauce

4 Crab cakes with goddess dressing

5 Mini egg rolls and homemade plum sauce

6 Classic savory puff pastries

7 Potato wedges with cheese, bacon and onions

8 Seafood or chicken salad in crispy won ton shells or as tea sandwiches

9 Mini soft tacos with traditional fillings

10 Canapés with seasonal toppings

11 Quiche vegetarian varieties

12 Gourmet grilled cheese fingers with roasted tomato soup dipper

13 salt cod fritters

14 Asian meatballs with hoison dipping sauce

15 Pulled pork sliders on soft dinner rolls

16 Haddock Poppers

Food Stations?

Yes we do them all the time and they are so much fun!  As guests mingle around they are tempted to food tables throughout the room with carved roast beef, sauteed seafood, canapes and cold food displays or don’t forget the casual and ever comforting treats like ice cream sundae bars, nacho and poutine bars etc.  With food stations our servers are also passing hors d’oeuvres around to guests to be sure everyone is taken care of.  Great option for outdoor events like tent weddings, anniversary parties and company picnics.

Concession Menu Ideas

Real Fast food

All our fries are fresh cut fries and we top them lots of ways to make our Street Fries. Chili cheese, loaded baked potato style, poutine, Philly cheese steak and much more.Or maybe..

Donairs, sandwiches hot or cold, hamburgers, fish and chips and all the traditional stuff you come to expect…we can do that.  Chinese menus, Maritime favorites, Mexican street food the great thing is their is no limit to food on the go!  Desserts are not forgotten at Street Eats because we have a soft serve machine to make cones, sundaes, parfaits and homemade ice cream sandwiches.  We fry old fashioned donut nuggets that are great to dunk and share and many more treats you can see in our display case at the order window.

Every event needs a variety, so we’re up for the challenge … breakfast lunch and dinner!

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