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Wedding Catering & Other Events

Do you have an event that you need catered? Street Eats is ready to provide your wedding, family reunion, party or other event with everything from finger food to elegant buffets!  Check out some menu ideas to help you get started.

It is not always necessary to have a mobile kitchen on site when you want to provide your guests with a fixed menu of delicious prepared foods. We’re happy to work with you to plan a menu that meets the needs of your event and has everyone leaving with a smile! But if you do have an outdoor event planned or a place with limited facilities keep on reading…

Outdoor Weddings and Events

They are lots of fun but food service can be a stumbling block and you can be limited in what menu choices can be properly done. We can fix that!

Advantages of Street Eats Mobile kitchen

  1. Cooking equipment on site in case of delays or changes.
  2. 16’ gray/black awning to create a rain/sun shelter as needed
  3. Commercial fryer can add fun appetizers and night snack treats
  4. Kids menu available fast food style on site
  5. Food is fresher since we don’t have to make and transport everything.

Contact us today to book your event and discuss the many menu options available.

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