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Work Sites

Operating a busy work site and looking for a chance to keep your staff and crew well-fed and happy? Street Eats is the answer.

For all the exposure to different ingredients and food preparations we still fall back to our roots and want simple comforting food. When these recognizable foods are made with modern dietary needs in mind your workers contentment and health are seen too. Three things come to mind when developing a menu for a busy work site the first is satisfying portions and a variety of dietary choices, the second would be ease of service for fast turn around to minimize lines and the third is to be dependable to the worker and site manager because a nourished team can operate at their peak.

We can setup on site and provide hot food and cold beverages to your entire work site with a minimum disruption. Our 24 foot mobile kitchen is compact and self contained. We’ll stay out from underfoot and make sure your staff and crew have some great food waiting for them!

Menu decisions are quite easy they require some basic information about hours you would like food service, numbers on site, pay as you go/ co-pay or all inclusive, hot or cold (brown bag lunches) those types of things. We can work this out quickly to get Street Eats on site and serving asap.

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